COMA SUPRA is a union of various artists from the areas text, music, video, dance, performance and theatre.

COMA SUPRA directed specifically against violence and exclusion.

COMA SUPRA works with:
music, text, movement, interaction, dance, image, sound, video projection, light, computer animation, performance, internet, the body, design, energy.


The opus H.


Under application of natural and computer-generated material is created a 2-hour space-sound-motion-video-installation.

In front of this background is the actual staging in 43 scenes. Dance elements of the areas Butoh, Modern Dance and Modern Theatre formed with the elements text, music and performance, a unique adventure and movement world.

All texts are spoken from migrants, who are living in NRW. And in cooperation with the National Association of the Deaf in NRW translated into sign language.



The theme


People - exclusion - inclusion are at the center of events.

In the areas of text and music, we splitted the events in two time windows. Once the period until 1945 in Germany... and the period after 1945 to the present.

We don't like to operate with a raised index finger, but rather with the medium of art we create a public awareness for the international understanding manifest.

During the work of "Opus H." we have the experience of that integration. Especially working with migrants or deaf people from NRW has shown, that art is not only thematically deal with these people, but also directly into the overall art-work.



When / Where?


The total production is expected completet in mid-2010.

The places of performance are all medium-sized theaters.

Also museums, memorial sites, factories, industrial places, bunker etc.



The actors



Stefanie Elbers (D)

movement, dance, performance



Stefan Fränkel (D)

composition, video, lyrics and text, choreography,
light, performance, drums + perc., the body



Wolfgang Gockel (D)

Butoh, dance, performance



Britta Quittschalle (D)

Butoh, performance, video-editing



Margarete Ratajczyk (D)

voice, God Arpus



Harald Schulte (D)

Butoh, dance, performance



Jochen Schweizer (D)

composition, computeranimation, image, light, web- and
graphicdesign, performance, video, movement



Alexandra Lorenz (D) + Hermann Riekötter (D) + Hiltrud Fischer (D)

sign language



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